Why Your Environment Is Vital To Your Success

We all are a product of our environment.

What you see, what you hear, what you think, what you feel and what you are exposed to on a regular basis will become your default setting as to what’s possible, true or real.

That’s why if you want to protect your attention bubble, your energy level, your chance of success, you MUST take proactive measures to create your own culture, norm and environment that serves you the most.

When it comes to creating your own reality, there are a couple of things in your environment that you want to pay attention to.

#1 The Visuals

Babies are curious about things they see and they almost always go get it, so as adults.

To continuously motivate, stimulate and inspire you, you should print out some colorful images, heroes, quotes, or dreams that you aspire to have or to be.

Although these pictures may not excite you after a month, you can always rotate and change them frequently when needed.

When we can “see” the things we want, we’re more easily reminded the reasons behind why we’re fighting so hard every day and we’ll be motivated to keep going.

#2 The Audios

You also want to hear success stories, victory anecdotes, or hero’s journey so that you know you are not alone in this battle of life.

That’s why listening to audiobooks or Ted talks instead of mindless radio stations will be a game changer for you while commuting.

Most people spend 1.5-2 hours daily in transportation either playing stupid iPhone games or doing nothing. The Elite achievers invest those hours into self-education and become smarter.

You know which camp you want to be in.

#3 The Mental

What you think you become.

Of course this is a bit simplified, but the more you put mental energy into something, the easier the chance you spot relevant opportunities, ideas or epiphanies.

That’s why you want to read biographies of great men and women, how-to instructional books, psychology and human behavioral studies etc. so that you are constantly reminded of the inevitable hardships of becoming a mega success, constantly upgrading your professional skill set and increasing your ability to connect, befriend & influence people.

After all, life is interdependent rather than merely independent. The best causes are always brought to fruition with collective effort rather than a solo endeavor.

#4 The Social

Finally, your social reference group is one of the most influential entities that are going to either uplift you to heaven or bring you down to hell.

As Jim Rohn said, you are the average of the 5 people you spend most time with.

You’re going to secretly pick up the mindsets, thinking patterns, behaviors, standards and ambitions from your closest associations.

Be ruthless about selecting your tribe.

Be cautious as to whom you allow to enter your inner circle.

And be generous with adding value and empowering each like-minded comrade.

When you condition your environment in these 4 aspects, you’ll condition yourself to a road of success.