We Rise By Lifting Others!

We Rise By Lifting Others!

We very often see happiness as something that is outside ourselves. We can class happiness as tangible items, that we can see and touch. They will bring us happiness if we manage to attain them. If we get the job, the car, the holiday, the baby and the clothes, then we will be happy. When we pass a course, start a new career or achieve something, then we will be happy. So we spend years searching for these desires that we think will make us happy.

Then we hear that happiness begins form within. We start to think about that for a moment and wonder what it really means. We see the daily social media quotes talking about love and how self-love is the way to happiness. And we begin to understand the principle, but do we fully understand what it means? If self-love is the means to happiness, then why are we not happy?

All day long we can say an affirmation about how we love ourselves, but something needs to shift on the inside before we can truly mean it.

Even though there may be no logic in this at the moment, think for a few minutes about all the people you know and all the people you love. You may start to think about partners, husbands, wives, parents, friends, colleagues, teachers, neighbors and associates.

Now think about each person you know and consider whether you are holding any grievances towards any of them? Is there anything you are holding against them, even if it seems insignificant? Have they done something that you don’t particularly like, or upset you in some way? Have they offended you? Are you criticizing anyone in your thoughts? Are you angry at someone, even a little? Are you frustrated with anyone? Do you wish they might behave differently? Maybe you want them to be less negative, more tidy, less bossy, more assertive? Are you judging anyone? Are you thinking negatively about someone?

Holding any size of grievance against someone steals your peace of mind. It throws you off track. Notice how many times today that you become annoyed, frustrated, angry or judgmental towards someone. Notice how many times today that you give someone, in thought, word or deed anything that isn’t positive or loving. This applies to whether you are actually with the person or not.

Each one of these seemingly small instances, steals your peace and happiness. Noticing this is a major breakthrough. Watch what happens when you start to see everyone you know or meet, as a friend that you genuinely love. Notice what happens when you start to let go of your judgements and forgive them instead.