Today I chose to be positive and ignore all the madness in the world.

Today I chose to be positive and ignore all the madness in the world.

More importantly, stop focusing any energy on negative thoughts and instead focus only on the thoughts that will lead you to achieving whatever it is you desire. 

You have so many people forwarding this article or that video regarding what’s going on in the world today and you need to get to a point where you don’t want to know anymore.

You have to stop it. Turn off the news, videos and articles that are created solely to perpetuate negative thoughts and keep you trapped in a lower vibrational state.

You have to take control of your thoughts and be in charge of your own mindset. Choose your thoughts and words to always be positive and you’ll break free of the fear that keeps you stuck.

Read inspirational books, listen to your favorite music and fall back in tempo with your life. Nothing can get to you now due to the fact that you’ve become better and stronger with life’s challenge(s) and are able to deal with those negative reports that life will throw your way. Because you’re focusing on you and your mindset, not the craziness going on right now.

Look at your inner mind chatter and self-talk. Whatever they are, music them into high quality and empowering ones. They will shape your life for the better. Because everyone loves and deserves great times on this earth, it’s entirely up to you to draw positive experiences into your existence.

Don’t forget terrible thoughts are the cause of all of your problems. So keep in mind to update your bad thoughts, each time you trap your self into thinking poorly, find a way to choose high-quality thoughts.

All the suggestions I mention are really worth paying attention to. Because doing this allows everything to fall into the rhythm of your life. You’ll learn how to forgive and forget and expectantly climb back up the ladder of love and success.

Remember it’s time to let go of all your negative thoughts and terrible experiences. The more you hold on to them, the more harm you cause your intellectual and bodily health. It’s genuinely time to move on. Do it graciously and you’re sure to gain so much positivity that you never expected. Savor each moment of every single day and be present. Yes, it’s time to say goodbye to those malicious thoughts and negative reports. Chose to be positive today and every day. Your life will get better and you will be happier again – trust me.