12 Minute Affiliate 2021 – This Actually Works!

12 Minute Affiliate 2021 – This Actually Works!

The 12 minute affiliate system founded by internet marketer Devon Brown has done-for-you affiliate sales funnels ready-to-go in the three biggest (and easiest to make money with) niche markets. These are: the “Make Money From Home” niche, the “Weight Loss” niche, and the “Personal Development” Niche.


FIRST: Choose what niche/niches you want to sell affiliate products in.


SECOND: Personalize and activate your system.

The whole process only takes about 1-2 hours, or you can just choose to have them do it for you. Once the system is set up, all of your email follow-up messages, affiliate products, and full automation will be ready to go.


THIRD: Add done-for-you traffic.

Once the system is set up, you’ll be able to order as much traffic as you want (based on your budget). This takes all of 2 minutes to do. Just place your traffic order, and sit back and relax while the traffic comes to your affiliate funnels, and…


Devon boldly claims that you can have it all operational before you go to bed tonight!


First you have to go through the Quickstart Checklist in your dashboard to get your funnels up and running. The step-by-step videos and written instructions that are short, quick and very easy to follow.


Step 1: Create a free affiliate account (2 mins).
You will get step-by-step instructions on how to sign up for Clickbank and get your affiliate ID.


Step 2: Get your Aweber autoresponder (2 mins)
You will watch a video guide you through each step of signing up for your Aweber account. Aweber is the preferred choice for the 12 minute affiliate system. You can sign up here.


Step 3: Set up your Aweber autoresponder (step-by-step instructions)
Not only will you be guided to set up your email campaign, you’ll also import your done for you email sequence using a code, with you affiliate links already in them. He also includes training for signing up to Aweber before and after January 2020 due to changes they made.


Showing that Devon and his 12 minutes affiliate team really cover all the bases and go that extra mile to have it all done for you!


Step 4: Activate your 12 minute affiliate funnels
This is so easy and quick, depending on the plan you selected (1 or all 3 niches) you just pick your templates by clicking on the buy traffic button to the right. Everything is already set up in the templates (your autoresponder with ready made emails and your affiliate link). 


Step 5: Done-for-you setup (Optional, takes 2 mins)
This option is for those that aren’t tech savvy and want Devon’s 12 minute affiliate team to set it all up for you. You’ll pay a one-time nominal fee to get it done, but it’s well worth it!


Step 6: Get done-for-you traffic (2 mins)
This is the last piece of the puzzle, what type of traffic you want (which niche) then you pick how many visitors you want, each plan shows how much you’re paying for the amount of visitors, click on it and sign the agreement (start small and scale up as you go).


That’s it, you’re done, just sit back and wait while they send the traffic for you… Devon wasn’t kidding when he said it’s as easy as ordering a Pizza!