To Enjoy A Successful Manifestation, One Must Be Positive And Firmly Proclaim Their Beliefs And Affirmations!

These are words to live by…. Everyone is talking about manifestation, the law of attraction and the power of the universe. Many think they know how to use it, how to manifest, and benefit a lot from that knowledge. Many still struggle and keep wondering what are those successful people did to manifest anything they want and harness the power of the universe.

The key is everything is made of energy and vibration. You are what you vibrate. When you vibrate fear to the universe, the universe will send you more events to be feared. When you vibrate anger, you receive even more events to be angry at or people who are angry with you. On the other hand, when you vibrate happiness and positive thinking, you will receive more happiness and positivity in return.

So let’s learn how to become a positive person to ensure you don’t vibrate any negativities to the universe and start enjoying successful manifestations, and receive only the fabulous things in life.

How To Think Positive Even When In The Most Challenging Situation

1. Always smile

Smiling at yourself in the mirror helps to uplift your spirit quickly as well as reducing your stress. Please bear in mind that you it takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown.

2. Review all the blessings in your life

It’s worthy to go through your diary, old happy photos, amusing video clips, or any past accomplishments. By revisiting those proud moments, happiness, and joy, you cannot hold on to the negativity and sadness. You will feel proud, confident and positive. Remember the feeling.

3. Reward yourself 

Give yourself some compliments, flowers, or small rewards when you achieve something no matter how little it is. You can also reward yourself with some new opportunities to learn something new, to explore something new, or to meet new people. These little rewards help you feel good about yourself. It’s a way to show your appreciation to yourself. A positive attitude can never arise if you don’t even feel good about yourself.

4. Stop whining!

Whining is a reflection of your negativity that’s been put into words. It does no good to anyone. On the other hand while complaining you have unknowingly vibrated your negative energy to others and the universe. The law of attraction will work and attract the same energy to you. Moreover, you may get into the habit of whining and when you do, the negativities will dwell in your constant mood which will attract people of the same kind to your life.

Many people complain to get what they want, the way they want it. There are many ways to get things done, have things we want, the way we want it by using other positive approaches like rewarding, complimenting, encouraging. These positive approaches may work slower but guarantee to draw back only positive energy to your circle.

5. Appreciation!

Learn how to be thankful for everything you have right now. It’s always a good idea to thank other people for everything they do for you no matter how big or small. Admiring others and be thankful for others guards away negativities from your mind. On the contrary, these acts of appreciation and admiration vibrate positive energy to the universe and will draw back the same energy to you. Sincere admiration and heartfelt appreciation do not only make people who receive them feel happy but also make you realize your significance and presence.

6. Surround yourself with positive people

Talking to positive people helps tuning our mood. We can absorb and study the way they think. Eventually, we will become positive too.

7. Stay away from negative people

Negative thoughts are contagious. When we hang out with negative people, we gradually absorb it. Sooner than we realize, we will find ourselves a negative person too.

8. Learn Dhamma, motivational quotes!

Reading good books of Dhamma or motivational and inspiring quotes from successful people help stop us from going down the negative path. Whenever negativity arises, grasp a book or read a motivational quote you like the most. It helps.

9. Think of others who have less and suffer more

Sometimes when we think about people who are less fortunate, people who are suffering more from the scarcity of necessities in life, we might as well appreciate our lives and that we have more. Moreover, many who suffered poverty and hardship have fought to rise above the water. Many have fought to rise above the crowd and become extremely successful. How could they make such a great achievement? Sometimes learning about other people’s success story could inspire us. Learn how they managed to change their lives from zero to hero.

10. Help others and learn to forgive

Helping other people in every possible way you can would make you feel very positive about yourself. Forgiving people also uplifts your spirit. It makes you let go of negative feelings and makes you feel good about yourself too.

11. Blessing others and wish them well

When we bless someone or wish someone well from the heart, we automatically create a positive feeling and kindness in our heart. When we wish, we vibrate favorable energy to the universe. And by that, you have sent the signal to the universe you want a blessing too.

12. Stop thinking negative

Practice meditation to be aware of any negative thought once it occurs. When you realize you have a negative thought, ask yourself whether what you think is real. Ask yourself whether those thoughts are healthy and make you feel happy. What could be gained from holding on to negativity? What could be gained from letting it go and being positive instead?

13. Be careful before asking yourself ‘why?’

The ‘Why’ is good when you need to find out the source of conflict or find a solution. However, asking ‘why’ to find fault or to create conflict and negativity is not healthy at all. Be aware before asking why. If it is for the good cause, do it. If not, better not ask ‘why?’ Try asking yourself a different question like “Why not me?” That question completely changed my life, because when I asked this it opened the door to infinite possibilities. 

14. Exercise to uplift your mind

Your mind has an impact on your body and vice versa. So when you feel down, use your body to uplift your spirit. Exercise is a great way to light up your mood and generate healthy energy for your body and mind. Try running, jogging, yoga, or any exercises that would help you see your daily progress and experience some new achievements every day. When you are sad and discouraged, try some posture that would light up your mood quickly like smiling, look up the sky and take a deep breath. Your feeling will revert to positivity in no time.

15. Ask yourself some questions

One of the effective ways to tackle negativities is not to believe in those negative ideas. First, you need to be aware of the feeling. Second, find out what was the cause. Then use a series of questions that help stop you from being negative which are:

  • Is it true?
  • Are there any proofs?
  • Can we prove it wrong?
  • Is it useful?
  • Would this thought make us happy?
  • What are the cons if we hold on to these ideas?
  • What the worse that could happen if we still hold on to these negative thoughts?
  • Lastly, is it necessary that we believe in these negative ideas?

16. Meditation

Practice meditation for at least 5-15 minutes twice a day (in the morning and before bed). You can try a peaceful meditation that helps you calm your mind and feel peaceful when you focus on breathing.

However, it’s better to practice insight meditation. Insight meditation helps sharpen your mind and your awareness. You will be aware of any thoughts and feelings that come to mind quickly and be able to response more wisely. With awareness, you start vibrating only positive energy to the universe and sooner or later the universe will draw the same to you in kind. 

17. Singing (listening to music)

Music can pull you out of your misery even for a short time. When singing, you have a chance to release your sorrows, troubles, and difficulties through a song. You feel relieved and it ultimately helps you feel good. Take time to listen to feel good music every day. Listening to your favorite songs of the genres you loved most in your life and even in your younger years, will bring you so much joy and uplift your spirit.

18. Change your attitude

Given the same scenario, two people may have different opinions toward the situation. For example, when encountering difficulties, a positive person may see it as a challenge. The negative person may view it as an obstacle or a setback. So whenever facing troubles, try seeing them as a challenge, or an opportunity to develop your skill to overcome this problem.

19. Start your sentence with ‘At least’

When life has been unkind to you in any way, it’s wise to look at the positive side of the situation by using ‘at least.’ For example, when you fail at something, you could say to yourself ‘At least I tried my best.’

When you lose your job, you can say to yourself ‘At least I still have good health and now a new opportunity to explore my potential.’ By looking at the positive aspects of any situation, you’ll see more opportunities in it and can gain more from the situation than staying negative.

Try practicing these secrets as often as you can until it becomes your habit. The law of attraction will start working for you. You will find your life changing in a positive way and start seeing how the universe is responding to your every wish like a miracle.