Election Madness

All the madness going on with the presidential election of 2020 can make your head spin.


But what I realize is that it’s just another way to divide us.
This party against that party. This state against that state. Red against Blue.


This isn’t about who’s Presidents, or voting fraud. Because that’s been happening since votes went electronic.
But no one ever heard about it on the mainstream media until Trump got into office.
So you have to ask yourself. Why are they talking about it on all the news channels now?


Because they want to drill it into us so that we get angry enough to react to this injustice. They want us to do something drastic about this deception on the American people.


They’re hoping that we will start rioting and another civil war over this so that they can declare Martial Law on us.


It’s all about controlling us!


That’s what this whole pandemic is about. Closing down businesses, losing jobs, keeping us locked down, social distancing ourselves, wearing masks even if we’re healthy, depending on government assistance that never came.
Declaring mandatory vaccines so that we would comply to the tyrannical demands of our corrupt government. 

Don’t fall for these schemes they keep throwing at us to depress us, anger us and steal our joy.


Pray, meditate, find your inner peace, stay joyful, try to remain calm and focus on the good things in your life. Be grateful for everything you have, your health, your family and friends.

Remember, this too shall pass… Block out all this craziness and mayhem and don’t react how they are ‘expecting’ us to or they win and WE lose!