Cast Your Votes

It’s no secret that certain politicians and certain people have all been waiting for another stimulus bill.


Mnuchin got on television and said that we would all be receiving stimulus checks in August and it’s now the end of October and there has not been a second stimulus, that also goes for small businesses and all of these types of things.


So we found a little loophole in there that actually stated that in the event that congress, the house and senate cannot make a decision on something that is a matter of national security or for the health and welfare of the people, that the American people actually have the right to vote directly.


We encourage all of the American people to vote for a stimulus bill that works for us. We have the right to present the bill directly to the president.


Remember that the house of representatives are supposed to be representing us, the American people. They think that we can’t make a decision. I think that we’re all capable decision makers. We should just get on it and do our own voting.


We should have line items we want included in a stimulus bill:
1. Stimulus checks being one of them.
2. No mandatory vaccines.

It’s your body your choice. Right?


All the different things we want to present as the people. We’ll get it out there by talking to one one of your neighbors. Just ask one of your friends. Did you know that we can actually vote ourselves?

If we can get the majority of the American people over the age of 18 to make this vote then we’ll get it right to the white house.

We will have to write up the bill appropriately. Technically under the original  constitution, laws are supposed to be no longer than two pages long and written in fifth grade English so everyone can understand it. Then we’ll get it directly to the desk of the president, and the president can sign off on it. We can bypass the law.


Technically you don’t need a popular vote. When it talks about the people get to decide, that’s actually referring to the people that are willingly participating in the government. We’re trying to make a point here to the government, that we’re millions of Americans all stating these are the items they want in their stimulus bill.


We’ll put it together as an actual well-structured bill, no more than two pages long and we’ll get it directly to the white house and then the president can sign off on it directly he does not have to have a vote of the house and senate. If all the people are properly representing themselves. So stand up for your constitutional rights and take the survey.


Cast your votes today!