Affirmations To Start Your Day On A Positive Happy Note

When was the last time you woke up with a smile on your face? Do you start the day feeling tired, burdened, groggy and unhappy? If yes, then it’s time to shake-up, wake-up and take charge of your life. The law of attraction is a method of practicing positive affirmations. It will help you start your day on a positive and happy note.

Affirmation works like magic. It boosts the power of the mind, body, and soul. Through the practice of affirmations in your daily life, will help release stress, build a high level of confidence. As a result, you wake up light, happy, satisfied and all geared up to take charge of your life.

What are positive affirmations?

Positive affirmations are affirmative beliefs, statements, and thoughts. They are made of first person tense and practiced by those who follow the law of attraction. You can practice affirmations by writing them down, reading aloud, thinking or visualizing them.

Affirmations to practice for starting the day on a positive and happy note:

I am strong and healthy today.

I am capable of solving problems and cross all hurdles that come my way today.

I am blessed with everything in life to make every day a great one.

I have an inner strength and wisdom and I will only take right decisions today.

I am calm, serene and patient.

I am content with my life.

I am happy and feel alive today.

I am thankful for everything present on this earth.

I am filled with kindness and appreciate everyone around me.

How to use the affirmations?

Practicing the methods of the law of attraction every day, will help you achieve whatever you want and wish in your life. Read the affirmations aloud at least twice daily. Get connected with each word and sound of your voice, when reading them out loud. With practice, you will feel aligned with the phrase. Choose your favorite affirmations and note them down. This will help in visualizing them into reality.

Repeating the affirmations will help your mind to start a positive thought process and inner dialogue. You will realize how every negative element of your life fades away, leaving you with nothing but happiness, joy and enlightenment.

Affirmations are ideal tools of the law of attraction for pushing away anxiety, fear and negativity from your life. So, start the morning by waking up with a smile on your face, make your bed, make a healthy breakfast, shower love for your dear ones and plan your entire day.